Andrea (anastaziaeliz) wrote in poetunderground,

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Da mihi basilia mille

When you stopped me
In the wal-mart parking lot,
I mean to say
I love you.
When you asked
How I’d been,
And I laughed,
I meant to say,
Mother-fucking crazy
And, I love you.
When you smiled
And said good,
I meant to
Kiss you senseless,
Instead I smiled
And asked if you
Could drive yet.
When you laughed
And said ‘yeah’
I meant to say good,
Because I still love you.
When you asked if I
Still had emo tendencies
I meant to slap you
Upside the head,
Because I’ve never in my life
Painted my fingernails black,
Worn baggy pants
And a black band shirt
With unwashed hair.
And then I meant
To say I love you,
 You Fucking prat.

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